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Carl Lee (Owner)
Carl is the owner of CarolBrass and the leader of enginners. Carl knows everything inside the production. Carl plays trumpet.
E-mail: service@carolbrass.com

Carol Lo (Owner)
Carl's wife. Carol's main job is accounting, employee relation management and many things inside factory. Carol also work at production in the old days. Carol plays flute.

S. Y. Liang (Factory Chief)
Carol's nephew. Liang joined CarolBrass 6 months after Carl and Carol founded the company. Liang is the key man of entire production.

C. M. Wei (Part Production Manager)
Same as Liang, Wei is one of the most senoir enginners at CarolBrass factory.

Wesley Lee (Accounting/ Sales)
Wesley takes over Carol's job and also takes part at sales deapartment. Wesley plays trumpet.
E-mail: service@carolbrass.com

Ivy Wang (Sales/ Artist relation/ Amazon manager)
Ivy's main job is working with dealers and artists. Ivy also takes care the Amazon shop.
E-mail: service@carolbrass.com

Anne Huang (Sales/ Logistic)
Anne's main job is working with dealers and customers. She also takes care the shipments.
E-mail: service@carolbrass.com
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