CTR-5200H4V-GLT(D)-Bb-L 4 valve trumpet

*The 4th tuning slide length is same as 1st tuning slide + 3rd tuning slide. When you press the 4th valve, it allows you to reach a few more lower pitches below the staff.

Key: Bb (4th valve lower 2 + 1/2)
Bore size: ML (0.460”; 11.7mm)
Main tuning slide: H (Standard ,Two roots)
Bell material: G (Gold brass), soldered wire rim
Bell size: L (# 72)
Bell thickness: T (0.016”; 0.4mm)
Bell diameter: 5.25” (133.0mm)
Finish: L (Lacquer)
Leadpipe material: Yellow brass
Tuning slide material: Inner Yellow brass / Outer Nickel silver
1st tuning slide finger ring
3rd tuning slide finger ring & stop screw

2 trumpet backpacker case
CarolBrass® 1C mouthpiece
Polish cloth
Valve guard
La Tromba T2 valve oil
Ultra Pure tuning slide lube
Squared crook main tuning slide
Super thin finger button set
User booklet


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