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[New Horn] Regulation bugle Bb / G single valve

This is our new Regulation bugle, RSM-Bb/G.
Featured in red brass bugle bell and a single valve for you to switch between Bb key and G key.
The bore size is ML (11.70) and the finishing is clear lacquer.
The accessories includes CarolBrass 3C mouthpiece, lacquer polishing cloth, booklet and trumpet gig bag.

The main idea of this model is to combine Regulation Bb bugle and Regulation G bugle. When you purchase this bugle, it means you have 2 bugles on your hand.
Let's have a closed look of it.

If you leave the valve open, the original key is in Bb which is the same harmonic as regular Bb trumpet. 
If you press the valve and keep it engaged, the key will turn to G which is lower than Bb.
We also install the CarolBrass heavey weight xxxx styled finger button and valve caps on the valve.

There is an adjustable tuning slide for Bb key.

Also a little, adjustable tuning slide for G key.

Another feature is 5 inches red brass bugle bell which is helpful to make beautiful sound.  

Can't wait to take her home?

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