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[Dealer] Jim Bohm launches special sales

CarolBrass dealer Jim Bohm is a professional musician currently located in New York state.
Jim plays trumpet and flugelhorn in many professional occasions, and gives music lesson to many students.
By the way, Jim is a talent phtographer and makes bunches of great pictures on his facebooke page.   

Jim loves to share his experiences and knowledge about brass instruments to players.
He wants to help players to find the right horn. 
We feel blessed to have Jim as a family member of our sales network.

Jim recently shared us a picture of him plays CarolBrass Euro Bell flugelhorn.
Wow! The sound of flugelhorn and view are both great.


Jim also told us that he is planning a road trip to Florida in October, he can't wait to enjoy the sunshine there!

He mentions that he is going to bring a batch of CarolBrass demo instruments during the road trip.
These instruments will be applied with great prices, including:
  • (1) demo CTR-3200H-YSS-S silver intermediate trumpet in $500
  • (1) demo CTR-3050H-YSS-L high intermediate trumpet in lacquer $600
  • (1) demo CTR-2000H-YSS-S high intermediate trumpet in silver $700
  • (2) new CTR-2000H-YSS-S high intermediate trumpets in silver $930
  • (1) demo CTR-8060H-GLS-L Balanced model trumpet in lacquer $1600
  • (1) demo CPC-7775-YLS-Bb/A-L piccolo trumpet in lacquer $1600
  • (1) demo CTR-5060H-GSS-C-L .460 bore C trumpet in lacquer $1200
  • (1) demo CTR-5064H-GSS-C-S .464 bore C trumpet in silver $1300
  • (1) brand new CTB-3207-YSS-YNNN-Y3 student tenor trombone $700
  • (1) demo CTB-6229-GSS-YYNY-Y1 pro trombone w/F attachment $1800
  • (1) used Protec quad trumpet case $90

If you are nearby and looking for great deal of brass instruments, why not give Jim a shout?

E-mail: jim@jimbohm.com
Mobile: (716) 903-3393
Facebook @Jim Bohm 

We are sure you will be happy dealing with Jim.

More about Jim Bohm:
More about Jim, please visit: http://www.jimbohm.com/
Jim Bohm's shop: https://www.bohmsbrass.com/shop

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