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[New Horn] Custom Bb trumpet CTR-8880H-GSS-Bb-L

Recently, we built a batch of custom Bb trumpets for a group of trumpet players and the feedback we received was
very encouraging and positive. 

We were honored to help them and would like to share a little information on our new custom Bb trumpet.

The model number CTR-8880H-GSS-Bb-L is a customized version of our CTR-8880H-GST-Bb-L, but it is built with a thicker wall gold brass bell (thickness = 0.024" / 0.6mm ).

The thicker wall gold brass bell is capable of producing a richer, stronger and more broad sound compared to the original model CTR-8880H-GST-Bb-L, plus the thicker bell will assist in better sound projection.

Here are some images and various views of this beautiful trumpet.

As you can see we have installed the "squared" main tuning slide on the trumpet but the rounded tuning slide can be used for a different sound on a different occasion. By using the “squared” tuning slide it gives the quintessential look, sound and feel needed for classical trumpet players.

We are absolutely sure that this trumpet will meet the needs for all classical trumpet players. The thicker gold brass bell provides more sound, flexibility and projection, plus the squared main tuning slide will add brilliance to the sound for a more transparent sound quality. 

Features of the CTR-8880H-GSS-Bb-L are:

(1) Bach styled 3rd tuning slide rod-stopper

(2) CarolBrass exclusive XXXX styled finger buttons and valve caps

(3) 1st tuning slide thumb ring

(4) CarolBrass LEE II amado waterkeys

(5) Gold brass leadpipe, valve block knuckles and tuning slides tubes 

(6) CarolBrass glasses styled bracing system

We believe you will be interested in this custom trumpet.

Please feel free to check more details on our CTR-8880H-GSS-Bb-L
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