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[Artist] Terry Townson

Few days ago, CarolBrass artist Terry Townson sent us an e-mail with this flyer:

We wish we could be a visitor to La Paz Bay Jazz Sunsets.
Terry mentioned that though his gigs are not as many as before (due to the covid), he still got works to do in Baja and feel blessed.

And the most important - he stays safe and healthy.
We are very happy to learn Terry's news. His e-mail makes our day.

By the way, Terry plays a custom CTR-4440L-RSM (Euro Bell) trumpet.

Terry told us that the audience in Baja really like the beautiful sound made by him, and also the special looking of Euro bell trumpet.

As a maker of trumpet, it is such as big honor for us to supply Terry our trumpet.

Terry also ordered a few little parts for his CarolBrass trumpet and CarolBrass flugelhorn, we should send out the package to him very soon.
Good luck, Terry, thank you for loving our instruments!

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