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  • 2021.09.23

    [Dealer] Jim Bohm launches special sales

    CarolBrass dealer Jim Bohm is a professional musician currently located in New York state. Jim plays trumpet and flugelhorn in many professional occa...

  • 2021.09.11

    [New Horn] Regulation bugle Bb / G single valve

    This is our new Regulation bugle, RSM-Bb/G. Featured in red brass bugle bell and a single valve for you to switch between Bb key and G key. The bore...

  • 2021.09.03

    [Artist] Terry Townson

    Few days ago, CarolBrass artist Terry Townson sent us an e-mail with this flyer: We wish we could be a visitor to La Paz Bay Jazz Sunsets. Terry...

  • 2021.08.30

    [New Horn] CTR-4000H-YSS-C/Bb-L Convertible

    Model: CTR-4000H-YSS-C/Bb-L Feature: This is a C trumpet, we supply a kit (longer main tuning slide and extended ferrules) for you to lower the pitch...

  • 2021.04.11

    CarolBrass Showroom in Taipei

    We are pleased to announce that we will have a new showroom location available in Taipei soon. We will carry a wide range of CarolBrass instruments, m...

  • 2021.04.05

    ITG Conference 2021 Virtual

    We will have a virtual booth at Virtual International Trumpet Guild Conference 6.01.21 – 6.05.21! More information, please visit: https://www.itgconf...

  • 2021.01.15

    NAMM 2021 Virtual Booth

    CarolBrass has a virtual booth at NAMM 2021 Believe in Music week. Feel feel to stop by our booth and say hi to us!

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