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CTB-3019-YST-YYNY-Y3 Nickel Plated Trombone
Special custom "light weight" bell and squared styled hand slide crook, and the nickel plated trombone.

Model:                 CTB-3019-YST-YYNY-Y3

Key:                    Bb-F

Finishing:            Lacquer

Bore:                   L 0.547"
Bell:                    Yellow brass 
Bell size:             S 8.504"
Bell thickness:    T (thin)
Leadpipe:             Yellow brass

*Close F wrap, with patented rotary system
*Inner yellow brass/ Outer yellow brass slide
*Hard chromium plated nickel-silver inner hand slide
*Yellow brass outer hand slide
*Yellow brass hand slide U bow, rounded
*One-pieced rotary level adjustment system
Also come with:
Black ABS case
CarolBrass® 6 1/2 AL motuhpiece
Cleaning cloth (wipe)
Cleaning rod



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