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CarolBrass® has the serious progress of crafting each mouthpieces. Each of CarolBrass® mouthpiece has following features:


Classic Looking:

CarolBrass® mouthpiece keeps the traditional mouthpiece outer design, rounded cap, special rims and thick leg.


Special Cup Rim:

CarolBrass® specially designed mouthpiece cup makes it easy of blowing.



Belows are the list of mouthpiece models:

Instrument Model Features

Trumpet/ Pocket trumpet

7C Easy to blow and make bright sound
Trumpet/ Pocket trumpet 5C

Has more space for lip, similar to 7C

Trumpet/ Pocket trumpet 3C Middle size, sound is very flexible between bright and warm sound
Trumpet/ Pocket trumpet 1.5C Large cup, has a warm adn full sound
Trumpet/ Pocket trumpet 1C Has largest cup, easy to make warm and deep full sound
Trumpet/ Pocket trumpet F1 Sharpe, bright and good projection sound
Trumpet/ Pocket trumpet/ Piccolo trumpet 11AX Easy blow high notes and brigh sound


Instrument Model Features
Cornet 7C Easy to blow and make bring sound
Cornet Classic  
Cornet Classic S Has shorter shank, especially good for European
Cornet/ Piccolo trumpet 11AX Easy to play high notes, but more for piccolo trumpet


Instrument Model Features
Flugelhorn 3C (S) Samll shank
Flugelhorn 3C (L) Large shank


Trombone Model Features
Small shank 12C Easy to blow and make bright sound
Small shank 6 1/2 AL Has larger cup
Large shank 6 1/2 AL The small cup for large bore trombone (13.90)
Large shank 5G The standard cup
Large shank 4G The slightly large cup
Large shank 3G Large cup
Large shank 2G Very large cup 
Large shank 1.5G Very very large cup








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