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CarolBrass makes a wide range of high-middle brass instruments including trumpet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet, cornet, trombone, piccolo trumpet and harmonic instruments. We divde the catagory into 3 main parts: 


Styles Offered Series

Different models (Beginning, Intermediate, Professional) are different in design/ specfications.

trumpet/ flugelhorn/ pocket trumpet/ cornet/ trombone 


Materials Offered Series

Different models (Professional) are different in usage of seven (7) metal materials including yellow brass, gold brass, red brass, phorsphor bronze, nicekl silver, hard nickel silver and sterling silver) 

trumpet/ flugelhorn/ cornet/ piccolo trumpet


Custom Series 

We customize instruments based on the idea of players. Examples can be "Dizzy", "Balanced", "Quarter Tone", "Euro Bell", etc..


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