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CarolBrass® Legend Trumpet CTR-7660L-GSS-SL and CTR-7000-YSS-SL were launched in 2002. At that time many of heavy weight plate brace and scratch finish very popular, but CarolBrass® improved the heavy brace become hollow decoration first time, to reduce weight enhance the vibration attached to the heavy braces of the artistic curve, and to change the original matte surface to a hand-scratched silk parallel to the instrument axis line. This design and workmanship has always been a feature of CarolBrass® products, but it is also an industry competition for copying and mimicking objects.

CarolBrass Legend Trumpet

CarolBrass Legend Flugelhorn

(需翻英)CarolBrass® 經典款...
CTR-7000L-RSM-Bb-L (Saturn waterkeys)
(需翻英)適合頂級玩家的一款特製小號 9...
Legend Flugelhorn! C...
CarolBrass® Legend T...
CarolBrass® Legend T...
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