CTR-5000L-YLT-Bb-SL Vocabell
This is the tribute to Conn Vocabell trumpet. We introduce our version of Vocabell trumpet in May 2019. This model is built based on the standard CTR-5000L-YLT-Bb-SL, it featured 5.079 (72) yellow brass rimless bell, light weight construction body, and completely satin lacquer bell. This is a great horn to produce brassy sound. ...
Special custom model for 6 orchestral trumpet players in Europe. Based on materials offered series model CTR-8880H-GST, custom reversed main tuning slide, 72 large throat bell, 5.25" bell diameter, special satin silver bell finishing and polished lacquer inside bell. A very special looking trumpet with full and rich sound quality. ...
(27-Mar-2019) - New 0.547" Single Key Trombone
We recently develop a new large bore (0.547") single key trombone! Featured "light and thin" gold brass bell (wired), gold brass main tuning slide crook, double cylindrical balanced weight, interchangeable leadpipe (new mouthpipe #4), 5G mouthpiece, copper bell neck reinforcement, nickel silver hand slide... ...
(14-Mar-2019) - Custom Horn Study CTR-8562H-PLM(D)
We made a special custom Bb trumpet last week. The model is CTR-8562H-PLM(D) which is requested by an American player. This is our first time to apply double walled tuning slides on the "Balanced" trumpet, we faced some challenges during the production but we are very happy with the outcome of this special trumpet.... ...
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