CTR-5000L-YLT-Bb-SL Vocabell
This is the tribute to Conn Vocabell trumpet. We introduce our version of Vocabell trumpet in May 2019. This model is built based on the standard CTR-5000L-YLT-Bb-SL, it featured 5.079 (72) yellow brass rimless bell, light weight construction body, and completely satin lacquer bell. This is a great horn to produce brassy sound. ...
Special custom model for 6 orchestral trumpet players in Europe. Based on materials offered series model CTR-8880H-GST, custom reversed main tuning slide, 72 large throat bell, 5.25" bell diameter, special satin silver bell finishing and polished lacquer inside bell. A very special looking trumpet with full and rich sound quality. ...
CarolBrass - USA attend ITG conference 2019 Miami, FL
CarolBrass-USA is pleased to announce that we will attend the Ineternational Trumpet Guild (ITG) 2019 conference in Miami, Florida. We will have a comfortable booth during entire ITG conference. At our booth, you can find out the newest CarolBrass trumpets available to check, play test and even purchase. ...
(27-Mar-2019) - New 0.547" Single Key Trombone
We recently develop a new large bore (0.547") single key trombone! Featured "light and thin" gold brass bell (wired), gold brass main tuning slide crook, double cylindrical balanced weight, interchangeable leadpipe (new mouthpipe #4), 5G mouthpiece, copper bell neck reinforcement, nickel silver hand slide... ...
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